Title:Brdska Trka Vlasenica
Tracklength:5650 metres (until 2013: 7100 metres)
Elevation change:365 metres
Altitude finishline:1000 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 10′ 49.8″ – 18° 56′ 48.1194″
Fastest Time:5:35,255 (2 runs)
Average Speed:121,34 km/h

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Vlasenica – List of Winners
19/07/2009Miroslav JosipovicOpel Vectra ST7:28,710Results
18/07/2010Miroslav JosipovicOpel Vectra ST8:16,302Results
14/08/2011Miroslav JosipovicOpel Vectra ST7:47,122Results
29/07/2012Suad HotaLancia Delta Integrale7:23,900Results
21/07/2013Suad HotaLancia Delta Integrale7:04,447Results
10/08/2014Suad HotaLancia Delta Integrale5:35,255Results
26/07/2015Suad HotaLancia Delta Integrale5:53,874Results
24/07/2016Salih LjubijankicHonda Civic Type-R6:12,954Results
23/07/2017Salih LjubijankicHonda Civic Type-R6:00,369Results
15/07/2018Edis HadzipasicSubaru Impreza6:00,528Results
14/07/2019Salih LjubijankicHonda Civic Type-R5:54,133Results

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