Title:Cazin Grand Prix
Tracklength:3870 metres (until 2016: 4100 metres)
Elevation change:161 metres (5%)
Altitude finishline:380 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 53′ 51.72″ – 15° 56′ 3.12″
Fastest Time:4:20,930 (2 runs)
Average Speed:107,86 km/h

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Cazin Grand Prix – List of Winners
05-06/08/2006Suad HotaLancia Delta Integrale5:26,720
04-05/08/2007Suad HotaLancia Delta Integrale5:25,289Results
09-10/08/2008Peter JurenaMitsubishi Lancer5:11,397Results
25-26/07/2009Dragan MilicAudi A4 ST5:00,911Results
24-25/07/2010Jovan AcimicOsella PA20/S BMW4:54,783Results
23-24/07/2011Boris MiljevicColoni Nissan5:08,568Results
30/06-01/07/2012Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek4:33,244Results
29-30/06/2013Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek4:22,366Results
16-17/08/2014Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek4:29,246Results
15-16/08/2015Milos AsanovicRadical SR85:05,741Results
06-07/08/2016Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek4:28,690Results
05-06/08/2017Mario JurisicOpel Vectra STW4:44,481Results
28-29/07/2018Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek4:20,930Results
17-18/08/2019Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek4:18,339Results

130630_cazin 140817_cazin 150816_cazin 160807_cazin

Cazin Grand Prix – Accomodation

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