Title:Course de Côte de Grand Pont (or Grandpont)
Tracklength:1900 metres
Elevation change:80 metres
Altitude finishline:320 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 0′ 14″ – 4° 25′ 35″
Short FactsCurrently an historic event.

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Course de Côte de Grand Pont – List of Winners
18/08/1991Gérard de Ville de GoyetPorsche 9351:48,98Results
16/08/1992Alfred BuchemReynard 88D1:40,84Results
22/08/1993Hervé BayardRalt RT301:41,09Results
21/08/1994Christian HauserMartini MK42B1:47,28Results
20/08/1995Christian HauserMartini MK691:50,34Results
18/08/1996Christian HauserMartini MK691:47,79Results
17/08/1997Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:49,67Results
19/08/2001Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:54,44Results
11/08/2002Francis BidonetDallara F3921:56,30Results
10/08/2003Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:49,54Results

Course de Côte de Grand Pont – Accomodation

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