Title:Course de Côte de Durnal
Tracklength:1500 metres (until 2011: 1900 metres)
Elevation change:60 metres
Altitude finishline:235 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 19′ 48″ – 5° 0′ 6″
Fastest Time:0:39,05
Average Speed:138,28 km/h
Short FactsThe circuit was changed before the 2011 edition because the railroad tracks proved to be too much of a problem for the sportscars.

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Course de Côte de Durnal – List of Winners
07/04/2000Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:33,38Results
08/04/2001Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:34,00Results
14/04/2002Jacques MarchalNorma M171:41,54Results
13/04/2003Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:32,62Results
11/04/2004Jean SchmitsRalt F30000:45,22Results
10/04/2005Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:37,29Results
09/04/2006Jacques MarchalOsella PA20/S1:31,68Results
15/04/2007Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:29,61Results
13/04/2008Jacques MarchalOsella PA20/S0:48,70Results
27/09/2009Jacques MarchalOsella PA20/S0:46,89Results
11/04/2010Roland TrompMartini MK790:52,10Results
10/04/2011Jacques MarchalNorma M20F0:39,05Results

Course de Côte de Durnal – Accomodation

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