Title:Bergrallye Voitsberg
Tracklength:1630 metres
Elevation change:80 metres
Altitude finishline:490 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 2′ 54″ – 15° 11′ 10″
Fastest Time:1:45,019 (2 runs)
Average Speed:111,75 km/h

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Bergrallye Voitsberg – List of Winners
09/09/2007Hanspeter LaberFord Escort WRC1:45,30Results
07/09/2008Felix PailerLancia Delta Integrale1:45,16Results
06/09/2009Hanspeter LaberFord Escort WRC1:46,10Results
12/09/2010Felix PailerLancia Delta Integrale1:46,78Results
11/09/2011Felix PailerLancia Delta Integrale1:48,48Results
09/09/2012Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 9111:46,61Results
08/09/2013Felix PailerLancia Delta Integrale1:47,13Results
04/10/2015Karl SchagerlVolkswagen Golf Rallye1:46,21Results
28/08/2016Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 9111:49,051Results
09/09/2018Karl SchagerlVolkswagen Golf Rallye1:45,019Results
08/09/2019Karl SchagerlVolkswagen Golf Rallye1:53,218Results


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