Title:Bergrallye Seggauberg
Tracklength:1240 metres (until 2015: 1290 metres)
Elevation change:65 metres
Altitude finishline:355 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 44′ 55″ – 15° 31′ 58″
Fastest Time:1:29,357 (2 runs)
Average Speed:99,91 km/h

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Bergrallye Seggauberg – List of Winners
18/09/2005Dieter HöllerFord Escort Cosworth1:37,77Results
17/09/2006Dieter HöllerFord Escort Cosworth1:28,75Results
16/09/2007Bruno IanielloLancia Delta S41:28,62Results
14/09/2008Hanspeter LaberFord Escort WRC1:38,11Results
21/06/2009Felix PailerLancia Delta Integrale1:28,87Results
06/06/2010Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 9111:30,14Results
19/06/2011Felix PailerLancia Delta Integrale1:31,79Results
17/06/2012Felix PailerLancia Delta Integrale1:30,53Results
23/06/2013Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 9111:30,50Results
15/06/2014Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 9112:14,54Results
14/06/2015Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 9111:30,21Results
12/06/2016Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 9111:29,357Results

130623_seggauberg 140615_seggauberg

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