Title:Subida a Ordino – Arcalís
Tracklength:4000 metres (2015: 6000 metres) (2005: 4300 metres)
Elevation change:260 metres
Altitude finishline:2222 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 37′ 54″ – 1° 30′ 2″
Fastest Time:4:46,108 (2 runs)
Average Speed:100,66 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoints on the map show the 2015 start and finishline. The 2005 version closely resembles the 2016 version.

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Subida a Ordino – Arcalís – List of Winners
10-11/09/2005José Antonio RomanSpeed Car GT2:32,731Results
12-13/09/2015Javier VillaBRC B-496:52,880Results
10-11/09/2016Pantxo EgozkueSilver Car EF104:46,108Results
30/09-01/10/2017Dimitri PereiraNorma M20F4:50,105Results

Pujada Ordino – Arcalis – Accomodation

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