221 French Hillclimbs available

This website now holds 221 different hillclimb events from France. They can be accesed on the French Hillclimb List page in the menu.

With 221 events France is of course the biggest section on this website and in fact compromises almost 1/3 of the complete website. In comparison second biggest country Spain has ‘only’ 185 hillclimbs here.

All other pages in the French section have also been updated. The results archive now has sections per year. There are currently results from 170 of the 221 different hillclimbs. This totals to well over 1000 different hillclimb results just from France! No doubt the archive will continue to grow over time. If you have anything to add, please do not hesitate to send it in!

I would like to ask anyone who spots an error, a typo, a broken link or any other kind of mistake to report them. This website is growing into enormous proportions and it is very time consuming to keep checking everything myself.

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