Hillclimb videos Truskavets and Modrychi 2017

Below are a couple of videos of the two Ukrainian hillclimbs that were competed last weekend.

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Results Modrychi Hillclimb 2017

One day after the succesful Truskavets Grand Prix the competitors moved out of the city to a road about a kilometre northwest of Truskavets. The Modrychi Hillclimb was competed already last year so the drivers knew what could be expected. Still, the contrast with the day before could not be greater: instead of wide open city boulevards the competitors now faced a narrow forrest road. The weather also took a turn for the worse and rain made the track even more treacherous to drive on.

Many drivers were caught out in these difficult conditions. Among them was the winner of Saturday Pavlo Chumakov. He severly damaged his Mitsubishi Lancer already in practise and could not continue. Boris Gandzha could not collect a trophy on Saturday but on Sunday he was in his element. Fastest times in all three races meant he was the well-deserving winner. Anton Korzun set fastest time of the day, but it was during practise so it did not count. Still he was the runner-up. Best of the 2-wheel-drive cars on both days was Volodimir Apostolyuk. At the Modrychi Hillclimb he even claimed third overall.

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Results Truskavets Grand Prix 2017

The Ukraine Hillclimb Championship started last weekend with a double header on two very different tracks. Lets start with Saturdays results before putting Sundays results in the next post.

The Truskavets Grand Prix was a brand-new hillclimb on the calendar. The organisers drew a 3,2 kilometre long race track right through the heart of Truskavets. A competitive field of 24 drivers, nice weather and a good crowd combined to make the event a succes. Six drivers in nearly equal Mitsubishi Lancers would contest for victory and four of them actually did. At the end of the day the first four drivers were seperated by less than two seconds! Pavlo Chumakov was the fastest of them and he took home victory. Anton Korzun and Volodimir Petrenko had the exact same time in two of the three races, but Korzun was .1 second better in the third. This was enough for Korzun to take the runner-up spot. Last year’s champion Boris Gandzha was the unlucky one as he finished fourth.

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Preview and Timing Truskavets Grand Prix 2017

In three weeks time the Ukrainian Hillclimb Championship starts with the Truskavets Grand Prix. On Saturday the competitors will compete a 3,2 kilometre long stage right in the heart of the city. The day after the competitors travel 1 kilometre north-west for the 2,8 kilometre long Modrychi Hillclimb. It is the first time the city-stage is used but the Modrychi Hillclimb was already competed last year.

The championship is divided into 8 classes. Group N, Group A and Group R are all mixed together in the classes A1-A2-A3-A4. A1 is open to cars with an engine capacity of -1400cc, A2 to -1600cc, A3 to -2000cc and A4 to -3500cc. Rear-wheel-drive cars with a national homologation are grouped together in the classes A7K-A8K-A9K. A7K being the smallest class for -1400cc, A8K for -1600cc and A9K for -2000cc. The 8th class is called IC which is open to cars build before 1991. There is no engine capacity limit in this class.

To close this preview with some useless trivia: Truskavets has a small connection to the European Hillclimb Championship. The city is twinned with Limanowa, home of the Polish Round of the EHC.

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Ukraine Results Archive

Three weeks to go until the 2017 Ukraine Hillclimb Championship starts with the Truskavets Grand Prix. I have added the complete 2016 results to the results archive. There are also two new tracks added to the hillclimb list. The archive will hopefully expanded with earlier years soon. The archive can be viewed here.

Thanks to Volodymyr Nekrasov for his help.

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