Results Cronoscalata Monte Erice 2017

The Italian Hillclimb Championship moved to Sicily for the Cronoscalata Monte Erice. The race was extra important because it was the first of three events that gave out 1,5 times the normal amount of points. Christian Merli still had a chance to win the title. Because he chose to drive in Croatia instead, that chance evaporated. Without his rival present Domenico Scola stormed to victory and the championship.

Omar Magliona was one of the few top drivers who managed to improve his time in the second race. However he had already lost too much time in the first race to challenge Domenico Cubeda for second. Francesco Conticelli was fourth but especially noteworthy are the two drivers that came behind him. Luca Caruso in the Radical Sr4 beat many more powerful cars for fifth place. But what about Ivan Pezzolla who placed the 1000cc Osella PA21 JRB in sixth overall! He even advanced the two CN leaders Luca Ligato and Achille Lombardi who finished seventh and eigth respectively. Tommaso Carbone and Dino Blunda rounded out the top 10.

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Results Cronoscalata della Castellana (Orvieto) 2017

The Cronoscalata della Castellana near Orvieto counted towards the Italian Hillclimb Cup North and South. Around 150 drivers were present on Saturday morning for first practise. However when it became clear that it would rain all day on Sunday, many drivers left for home. Among them such drivers as Denny Zardo, Franco Perini, Fabrizio Peroni, Stanislao Bielanski and many more. Other drivers tried but not came far like Stefano Di Fulvio and Giancarlo Graziosi. Eventually 80 are classified in the final results plus another 17 historic racers.

Eventually Michele Fattorini took a well deserved victory after he had so many problems earlier in the year. Cosimo Rea scored his best result yet with second overall and CN winner. Giovanni Rampini completed the podium in third place.

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Results Trofeo Fabio Danti / Limabetone Storica 2017

Results of the Trofeo Fabio Danti, also known as the Limabetone Storica.

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Results Coppa Monti Iblei 2017

Results of the Coppa Monti Iblei.

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Preview and Entrylist Coppa Monti Iblei 2017

The Coppa Monti Iblei near Chiaramonte Gulfi on Sicily is the next round in the Italian Hillclimb Cup South. Over 200 drivers have entered including a number of drivers from Malta. Domenico Cubeda is the favourit for victory.

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Results Trofeo Luigi Fagioli 2017

The Trofeo Luigi Fagioli is the shortest hillclimb in the Italian Hillclimb Championship. Its 4150 metres are very quick but concluded with the very tight hairpins at the end.

Championship leader Domenico Scola did a lot of testing on his Osella FA30 Zytek this past month. It paid off as Scola won the event with fastest times in practise and both race sessions. Domenico Cubeda has not competed that many races in his similar Osella FA30 Zytek yet. However he is already very quick and finished second overall in Gubbio. Omar Magliona had some trouble finding the correct set-up this weekend. With a great second race he put himself in third overall and he was also the sportscar winner. Denny Zardo could not repeat his second place of 2016 but finished fourth overall. Pietro Nappi steered the Faggioli-Osella FA 30 to fifth overall.
In Group CN Lombardi and Ligato split the points after each scored a fastest time. Ligato was the fastest over two races and finished ahead of his rival in the final results.

Manuel Dondi was again superior in the touringcars. With his nimble Fiat X1/9 Dallara Dondi remained ahead of the more powerful BMW Z4 GT of Marco Iacoangeli and Marco Sbrollini in the Lancia Delta. Luigi Sambuco drove a brilliant race in his Renault Clio. He was fourth best touringcar and third in the silhouettes. He remained just ahead of GT winner and Ferrari driver Roberto Ragazzi.

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Results Alpe del Nevegal 2017

Results of the Cronoscalata Alpe del Nevegal, near Belluno.

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Results Salita Cellara Colle d’Ascione 2017

Results of the Salita Cellara Colle d’Ascione.

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Results Svolte di Popoli 2017

Results of the Cronoscalata Svolte di Popoli.

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Results Cronoscalata Rieti – Terminillo (Coppa Bruno Carotti) 2017

Results of the Cronoscalata Rieti – Terminillo / Coppa Bruno Carotti.

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