Results Coppa Paolino Teodori (Ascoli Piceno) 2017

Results of the Coppa Paolino Teodori, a hillclimb near Ascoli Piceno.
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Preview and Entrylist Coppa della Consuma 2017

The Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship is also competing next weekend. The Coppa della Consuma in Tuscany will welcome just over 100 drivers. Favourites for victory are Uberto Bonucci, Stefano Peroni and Piero Lottini.
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Preview and Entrylist Coppa Paolino Teodori 2017

The International Hillclimb Cup returns to Italy for the Coppa Paolino Teodori near Ascoli Piceno. Just four foreign drivers will be present. The Nutrend Racing Team with Vaclav Janik and Jiri Svoboda will participate in E2-SC. Karel Trneny from the Czech Republic entered his Skoda Fabia in E1. And finally Laszlo Hernadi is again the only driver in S2000. The classes are further padded by around 30 Italian drivers.

The main race will be the Italian Hillclimb Championship. Christian Merli rejoins the points races and faces Domenico Scola and Omar Magliona. Interesting news is that Domenico Bubeda is finally competing in his new Osella FA30 Zytek.
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Results Cronoscalata Pieve Santo Stefano – Passo dello Spino 2017

The Cronoscalata Pieve Santo Stefano – Passo dello Spino was the sixth round of the Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship. Stefano Peroni was by far the strongest driver this weekend. The Osella PA8 pilot was once again the fastest in Group 3, but also the fastest overall. In both races he took a 10 second advantage on runner-up Piero Lottini. Although not the quickest overall, Lottini did win Group 4 and remains firmly in the lead of the championship.

Group 5 was also won by a Peroni: Stefano’s father Giuliano. The opposition in Group 5 was quite good this weekend. Apart from Peroni, Emanuele Aralla and Antonio Lavieri also finished in the top 10 overall.

Best of the touringcar drivers was Remo Decarli. He participated in Group 3 were he of course had no chance against Stefano Peroni. Tberio Nocentini finally had a trouble-free weekend and drove his Chevron B19 sportscar to victory in Group 1. He also finished ninth overall, once place in fron of Group 2 winner Ildebrando Motti.

The Passo Dello Spino Hillclimb remains popular with the modern racers too. More than 50 entered this weekend, even though the race counted towards no championships. Michele Fattorini and Diego De Gasperi dueled for the honours in their Osella FA30’s. Fattorini was the quicker of the two but complained of electrical problems. It was the first De Gasperi drove the Osella and he had no trouble adapting to this quicker machine. Franco Manzoni converted his Osella PA21/S to E2-SC specifications just for this race and finished third.

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Preview and Entrylist Pieve Santo Stefano – Passo dello Spino 2017

The next round of the Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship is the Cronoscalata Pieve Santo Stefano – Passo dello Spino. Over 200 drivers have entered. Around 140 of them will participate in the main historic event and another 60 in the modern support race.
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Results Salita Morano – Campotenese 2017

The Italian Hillclimb Championship continued with the Salita Morano – Campotenese this weekend. Domenico Scola took victory with two fastest times. His lead over Omar Magliona was however less than half a second in each run. Somewhat slower than the two leaders was Domenico Cubeda who finished third.
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Preview and Entrylist Salita Morano Campotenese 2017

The Italian Hillclimb Championship returns to Calabria this weekend for the Salita Morano – Campotenese. 210 drivers are entered with most of the competitors grouped in Racing Start and the Bicilindriche. As Christian Merli and Simone Faggioli are in Germany Domenico Scola will have little trouble to take victory. His main rivals will be Omar Magliona and Domenico Cubeda.
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Results Cronoscalata del Santuario (Cefalù – Gibilmanna) 2017

The Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship moved to Sicily this weekend for the Cronoscalata del Santuario. This 11.8 kilometre long hillclimb is also known as the Cefalù – Gibilmanna Hillclimb. Because of the long travel route, and because there are three more races in the next five weeks, most of the field consisted of local drivers.

Ciro Barbaccia steered his Stenger BMW to the fastest time. The racewinner dedicated his victory to Herbert Stenger who died two years ago. The German had developed, named and raced the very same car as Barbaccia now used to secure his victory. Runner-up became Piero Lottini. As his rivals for the category 4 championship were all absent, Lottini scored some valuable points. Third place was for Category 3 winner Claudio La Franca. He was the first of an army of Porsche 911 drivers. Raffaele Picciurro was the winner of Category 2 in yet another Porsche 911. There were no sportscars present in Category 1 this time. This allowed Pierluigi Fullone to take the victory in this category. Gina Colotto was the only driver in Category 5 and therefore the obvious winner.

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Results Cronoscalata Verzegnis – Sella Chianzutan 2017

After the cyclists climbed the Sella Chianzutan earlier this week, it was now time for the cars to take on the mountain for the Cronoscalata Verzegnis – Sella Chianzutan. Thanks to a brilliant run in the first race Christian Merli secured himself the victory. That Domenico Scola was the quickest driver in the second race did not matter as it was not nearly enough to unsettle Merli from first position. Two Osella PA2000 drivers in Domenico Cubeda and Francesco Conticelli finished third and fourth respectively. Fifth was for an unstoppable Luca Ligato, the CN winner. Ligato saw his main rival Achille Lombardi retire in the first race, so he gained a massive amount of points this weekend.

As usual the Verzegnis Hillclimb counted for a number of different championships. The International Hillclimb Cup celebrated its fourth round of the season. Vaclav Janik is still unopposed in the sportscars. With his third place in E2-SC he scores again a number of points. In Group E1 Ronnie Bratschi made his first appearance of the year. The Swiss Champion immediately won the Group, although he was slower than silhouette driver Manuel Dondi. Karel Trneny will be Bratshi’s main rival this season. At Verzegnis the Czech remained close to Bratschi and finished second in the group. In the Production Cars Laszlo Hernadi collected half points for his class victory in S2000.

Karl Schagerl was the fastest driver in the Austrian Hillclimb Championship. He advanced Hannes Kaufmann and Andreas Stollnberger. Milan Bubnic absolutely dominated the Slovenian Championship. His lead over runner-up Peter Marc and third placed Ales Prek was enormous.
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Results Cronoscalata Floriopoli – Cerda 2017

Another hillclimb took place in Italy this weekend. It was the non-championship Cronoscalata Floriopoli – Cerda on Sicily. The track utilizes the first 6,15 kilometres of the old Targa Florio circuit. Ciro Barbaccia drove a perfect race in his Stenger BMW. With two fastest times he was the well deserved winner. For Salvatore Riolo this was a home race. With his Porsche 911 SC Riolo managed to secure the runner-up spot. He was just 2,61 seconds slower over two runs than winner Barbaccia. Domenico Guagliardo completed the podium with another Porsche 911 SC.

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