Preview and Entrylist GHD Gorjanci 2017

The International Hillclimb Cup moves to Slovenia this coming weekend for the GHD Gorjanci. Vaclav Janik is leading the Cup in the sportscars and will be a favourite for victory in Gorjanci. His biggest rival for the winners trophy will be Federico Liber who is once again present in his Gloria C8P EVO.

In the E1 category Milan Bubnic is the local favourite. The main bulk of this category is filled with Austrians. The northern neighbours are competing in Slovenia this weekend for their own championship. As far as international drivers Ronnie Bratschi and Lyuben Kamenov are the most prominent.

Laszlo Hernadi is the only driver in the S2000 class. He will score another 12.5 points if he reaches the finishline. It is still not very clear who is main rivals in the production category are.

The GHD Gorjanci is also a round of the European Historic Hillclimb Championship. Almost 1/3 of the drivers entered are competing in the historic event. Last year Stefano Di Fulvio surprised everyone by taking overall victory. The Osella PA9/90 pilot returns this year to give it another try. Main rivals include his equally fast brother Simone and Uberto Bonucci.

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Results Ecce Homo (Šternberk) 2017

The fourth round of the European Hillclimb Championship (EHC) was the legendary Ecce Homo Hillclimb near Šternberk in the Czech Republic. Simone Faggioli won this event seven consecutive times between 2009 and 2015. Last year Christian Merli broke this streak with a victory of his own.

That this year’s edition would again be very close was already obvious in practise. Faggioli made a rare mistake which allowed Merli to set fastest time. On Sunday Faggioli was fastest in the first race. But a rain shower mid-day turned everything around. Merli was now the fastest driver, but as everybody knows the EHC is decided on the combined times. Adding both times together the gap was just .2 seconds in favour of… Faggioli! As both drivers won their groups they remain equal in points.

The rain played into the hands of the local Czech drivers who moved up the standings. The foreign drivers who have less experience here dropped down the order. For example Sébastien Petit was third after the first race but dropped back to eighth, Fausto Bormolini went from fifth to eleventh, and so on. Only Paride Macario managed to stay on top of the leaderboard. The young Italian ended up third overall.

The Ecce Homo Hillclimb is always the best race in E2-SH. It did not disappoint this year. The battle for victory was intense this year as Dan Michl and Vladimir Vitver were always within a second of eachother. It was Michl who took victory and the Lotus Elise driver also ended up a brilliant fifth overall.

Former European Champion turned circuit racer Robert Senkyr returned to the sport this weekend. Driving in a BMW Z4 GT3 he immediately won the GT class. Second was Jan Milon in a similar car with Frenchman Philippe Schmitter in third. Lukas Vojacek was almost unopposed in Group A while Laszlo Hernadi was completely unopposed in Group S2000. In Group N Tomas Vavrinec was the quickest driver in Race 1. However on the damp track in Race 2 he lost too much time and dropped to third. The battle for victory developed in a surprising way. Shkelzen Lajci and Jaromir Maly ended up with the exact same combined time! Because Maly had the faster time in race 1 he gets qualified ahead of Lajqi.

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Results Cronoscalata Verzegnis – Sella Chianzutan 2017

After the cyclists climbed the Sella Chianzutan earlier this week, it was now time for the cars to take on the mountain for the Cronoscalata Verzegnis – Sella Chianzutan. Thanks to a brilliant run in the first race Christian Merli secured himself the victory. That Domenico Scola was the quickest driver in the second race did not matter as it was not nearly enough to unsettle Merli from first position. Two Osella PA2000 drivers in Domenico Cubeda and Francesco Conticelli finished third and fourth respectively. Fifth was for an unstoppable Luca Ligato, the CN winner. Ligato saw his main rival Achille Lombardi retire in the first race, so he gained a massive amount of points this weekend.

As usual the Verzegnis Hillclimb counted for a number of different championships. The International Hillclimb Cup celebrated its fourth round of the season. Vaclav Janik is still unopposed in the sportscars. With his third place in E2-SC he scores again a number of points. In Group E1 Ronnie Bratschi made his first appearance of the year. The Swiss Champion immediately won the Group, although he was slower than silhouette driver Manuel Dondi. Karel Trneny will be Bratshi’s main rival this season. At Verzegnis the Czech remained close to Bratschi and finished second in the group. In the Production Cars Laszlo Hernadi collected half points for his class victory in S2000.

Karl Schagerl was the fastest driver in the Austrian Hillclimb Championship. He advanced Hannes Kaufmann and Andreas Stollnberger. Milan Bubnic absolutely dominated the Slovenian Championship. His lead over runner-up Peter Marc and third placed Ales Prek was enormous.
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Results Bergrallye Gasen-Strassegg 2017

The Bergrallye Cup reached its halfway point with the Bergrallye Gasen-Strassegg. It was a brand-new hillclimb and also unique in its length. Starting from this year the Bergrallye Cup allows hillclimbs up to 2,5 kilometres and the track at Gasen was the first to take this to the maximum.

Thomas Holzmann was the first to found the limits of the new track. Literally, as he had a small crash in practise. But in the race he was unstoppable with the three fastest times. Felix Pailer came very close in the third and final race but he was not consistent enough to challenge Holzmann for victory. Rupert Schwaiger suffered from electronic problems in his mighty Porsche 911 Bi-Turbo during practise. The car was repaired in time but he could not challenge for victory. Still Schwaiger finished third.

The closest battle of the day was in E1 -2000. Here Diethard Sternad was the fastest driver in both race 1 and race 3. But the final results were based on the best two out of three times. And because Christopher Neumayr was so close in every race he could actually claim victory over Sternad with a lead of just .036 seconds!

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Results Rechbergrennen 2017

No time for reports this week, so just the results.

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Hillclimb Videos 16 and 17 April 2017

A couple of videos from the hillclimbs that were competed last weekend.

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Results Bergrallye Sankt Andrä / Kitzeck 2017

The Bergrallye-Cup celebrated its third round of the season with the Bergrallye Sankt Andrä / Kitzeck. This year the track was back to its original length of just over 2 kilometres. Rupert Schwaiger was the organiser and, coincidence or not, the Porsche 911 Bi-Turbo pilot also won the event. Over the winter Thomas Holzmann made some serious improvements to his Mitsubishi Lancer. Today he completed the first meters of 2017. The hard work was all worth it as Holzmann won the 4-wheel-drive class and finished second overall. He was closely followed by the rest of the 4WD field. Felix Pailer, Stefan Wiedenhofer, Werner Karl and Werner Hofer could all drive times around the 1:02,00 mark and as a results finished 3rd to 6th.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Rechbergrennen 2017

Just one week and one day before the European Hillclimb Championship starts at the Rechbergrennen. Just under 250 drivers have entered of which 169 in the modern race and the other 80 in the historics. Apart of the EHC there are also points for the national championships of Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.

In Category 2 the best 8 drivers of 2016 return this year. Simone Faggioli is the favourite in E2-SC. In E2-SS the three Osella FA30s of Christian Merli, Paride Macario and Milos Benes will be the drivers to watch. In CN Andrea Bormolini has switched to a 3-litre Osella PA20/S to have a little horsepower advantage over the opposition. Fellow Italians Stefano Crespi and Marco Capucci will be his closest rivals. E2-SH appears to be another year of Czech domination. Marek Rybnicek, Dan Michl, Vladimir Vitver and Jiri Los will go for victory with Polish driver “Dubai” as outsider.

In Category 1 champion Nikola Miljkovic has moved to the circuit racing. Shkelzen Lajci and Jaromir Maly will battle it out for Group N victory this year. In previous years the championship was always decided between Group A and Group N. Because the Lancers are not homologated in Group A anymore it will be a struggle to get full points at every race this season. Nevertheless Lukas Vojacek will contest (most?) races in a Subaru Impreza WRX. In Austria he will have a formidable rival in Mini Cooper WRC pilot Jan Liptak. Group GT has 4 entries from4 nations in 4 different cars. FIA Hillclimb Masters winner Lucio Peruggini could be the favourite here. Finally Laszlo Hernadi is the only driver in Group S2000.

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Hillclimb Videos 1 and 2 April 2017

A couple of videos of the hillclimbs that were competed this weekend.

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Results Bergrallye Pöllauberg 2017

The Bergrallye Pöllauberg is always one of the highlights of the Bergrallye season. At the 2017 edition today there was again a big entry of 73 drivers. This included 3 singleseaters and 4 foreign guest drivers. None of them could challenge Karl Schagerl however. The Volkswagen Golf Rallye pilot was once again unstoppable and claimed victory with three fastest times. Rupert Schwaiger was the only driver who could remain reasonably close but the reigning champion had to settle for the runner-up spot. In the battle for third place Werner Karl beat Stefan Wiedenhofer by just .251 seconds.

E1 2000 was decided by a similar small gap, although here Thomas Strasser jr. was actually faster than Jürgen Halbartschlager in all three races. E1 1400 was even more competitive as the top three remained within one single second of eachother. In the end it was Günter Strohmeier who claimed class victory here. E1 1600 on the hand was won with quite a margin by Christian Speckl.

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