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More 2017 points standings are added on this website. You can now view the classifications of Luxembourg, Montenegro and the United Kingdom.

Results Nagrada Dubrovnika – Memorijal Željko Đuratović 2017

The Nagrada Dubrovnika – Memorijal Željko Đuratović was the final round of the Croatian Hillclimb Championship. Domagoj Perekovic was already certain of the touringcar title before the end. That was fortunate because the new champion suffered differential damage in Dubrovnik and scored no points. Second placed Istvan Kavecz was another driver with mechanical problems.

With the two top drivers out of the race Mario Jurisic moved into the lead. With this victory Jurisic moved up to second place in the points standings. It was a brilliant conclusion to a succesful 2017 season for Jurisic. His Opel Vectra STW is not nearly as powerful as his rivals machines but he still managed to take two overall victories this year.

Bojan Juranic finished second in Dubrovnik. He finished equal in points with Istvan Kavecz. But because the Hungarian has more second-place finishes Juranic ends the championship in fourth.

For safety reason the singleseaters of category 2 were not allowed to drive in Dubrovnik. Laszlo Szasz is once again the new champion in this category.

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Results Brdska Trka Pljevlja 2017

Results of the Brdska Trka Pljevlja.

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Results Cazin Grand Prix 2017

Results of the Cazin Grand Prix.

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Results Lovcen Hillclimb 2017

Results of the Lovcen Hillclimb.

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Results Brdska Trka Glava Zete 2017

Results of the Brdska Trka Glava Zete.

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Results Nagrada Malacka SV. Dujam 2017

The Central European Zone (CEZ) Hillclimb Championship continued with the Nagrada Malacke SV. Dujam near Split in Croatia. The event also counted towards the Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin Hillclimb Championship. For that reason a massive entry of 100 drivers was present.

Laszlo Szasz dominated the event as expected in his Reynard Zytek. The Hungarian was more than 20 seconds ahead of everyone else. Grzegorz Duda scored his best result so far with his new Hyundai i20 WRC. The Pole finished second overall and won the E1 class. Not a small feat considering the strong opposition in Croatia.

In the Croatian Championship Category 1 the three best drivers all faced mechanical issues. Dejan Dimitrijevic retired already in practise. Istvan Kavecz had a problem during the second race of the day and lost quite some time. However the BMW E90 pilot still finished 9th overall. Championship leader Domagoj Perekovic retired in the second race with fuel problems. Bojan Juranic, the fastest 2-wheel-drive car in Croatia also retired early and scored no points. So who benefitted from all this misfortune? It was Robert Bradaric who had a trouble free run and scored maximum points. On top of that he also finished third overall. Mario Jurisic also did a good job as the Opel Vectra STW pilot finished directly behind Bradaric.

In the Bosnian Championship Salih Ljubijankic was again much stronger than the opposition. The same can be said about Luka Spadijer in the Montenegro standings.

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Results Brdska Trka Kotor – Trojica 2017

In one of the most beautiful spots in Europe around 100 drivers got ready for the Brdska Trka Kotor – Trojica this weekend. The race counted towards the Central European Zone (CEZ) Hillclimb Championship and the national championships of Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and of course Montenegro. Apparently the race was also a candidate event for the International Hillclimb Cup of 2018.

Croatia probably has the strongest national championship of the Balkan countries. So it comes as no surprise that they came out on top in Kotor. Laszlo Szasz dominated in his Reynard F3000 car and won the event easily. The high-power track was ideal for the Mitsubishi Lancer of Domagoj Perekovic and the Croatian finished second overall. Istvan Kavecz completed the podium in third. The Polish National Team was present with a number of drivers to aim for CEZ points. The best were Grzegorz Duda who finished fourth overall and Robert Slugocki who finished sixth overall. In between them was the local driver in fifth: Luka Spadijer. Salih Ljubijankic was the best driver from Bosnia and Hercegovina.
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Results Brdska Trka Podi 2017

The Brdska Trka Podi was competed two weeks ago but the results had not found their way on to this site. The race was the first round of the Montenegro Hillclimb Championship.
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Calendar Montenegro Hillclimb Championship 2017

29-30/04/2017Nagrada Na Grad Skopje "Vodno"Skopje
20-21/05/2017PodiHerceg Novi
10-11/06/2017Nagrada Malacka SV. DujamSplit
24-25/06/2017Brdska Trka AvalaBelgrade
22-23/07/2017Glava ZeteNiksic
05-06/08/2017Cazin Grand PrixCazin
12-13/08/2017GHD LucineLucine
02-03/09/2017Radavc - KullaKulla
07-08/10/2017Nagradu Dubrovnika - Memorijal Željko ĐuratovićDubrovnik