Title:Subida a Ponte Caldelas
Place:Ponte Caldelas
Tracklength:4200 metres
Elevation change:190 metres
Altitude finishline:500 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 23′ 2″ – -8° 29′ 53″
Fastest Time:3:58,709 (2 runs)
Average Speed:126,68 km/h
Short FactsBefore 2018 the race was contested on a different road nearby. The information for that hillclimb can be found here.

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Subida a Ponte Caldelas – List of Winners
04-05/08/2018Alexis VieitezFormula Outeda4:12,708Results
03-04/08/2019Alexis VieitezDicode FR3:58,709Results

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