Title:Pujada a Coll de Sa Creu
Place:Palma de Mallorca
Tracklength:5500 metres
Elevation change:210 metres
Altitude finishline:380 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 34′ 36″ – 2° 32″ 34′
Fastest Time:3:14,376
Average Speed:101,86 km/h
Short FactsThis event uses the western side of the mountain. See here to view the event that uses the eastern side.

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Pujada a Coll de Sa Creu (West) – List of Winners
07/05/2017Pedro MayolTalex Motor Sport3:23,134Results
06/05/2018Pedro MayolDemon Car3:15,362Results
05/05/2019Pedro MayolSilver Car S33:14,376Results

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