Title:Glava Zete
Tracklength:6900 metres
Elevation change:340 metres
Altitude finishline:400 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 40′ 4.0794″ – 18° 59′ 48.84″
Fastest Time:3:29,721
Average Speed:118,44 km/h

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Glava Zete – List of Winners
25-26/05/2013Aldin ColanovicFormula4:15,050Results
28-29/09/2013Milos AsanovicRadical SR8LM3:38,991Results
27-28/09/2014Jovan AcimicOsella PA20/S3:29,721Results
22-23/07/2017Dejan BulatovicSeat Leon4:08,080Results
16-17/06/2018Radulovic DrazenMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX4:03,514Results

At the starting point of the Zeta Valley we find the Glava Zeta Hillclimb. It is near this point that the river Zeta surfaces and flows towards Podgorica in the southeast. The hillclimb is aptly named as Glava Zete can roughly be translated as “Beginning of the river Zete”. The hillclimb however, goes the opposite way to the northwest towards Nikšić.
Nikšić is the second largest city of the country. Curiously the international tourist agency of Montenegro does not mention Nikšić as an interesting place to visit. If we are to believe that perhaps a better starting point would be the capital Podgorica, less than 40km from the hillclimb.
What is certainly recommened to visit is the Ostrog Monastery some 15km away. The largest pelgrimsite of the Balkan is dedicated to St. Basil. In the seventeenth century this Orthodox saint decided to build his new monastery in the vertical mountainside at Ostrog. Over the years it has grown into a breathtaking complex of buildings.

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