Scarperia Giogo

Title:Cronoscalate Scarperia – Giogo
Tracklength:7650 metres
Elevation change:570 metres
Altitude finishline:880 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 0′ 48″ – 11° 22′ 12″
Fastest Time:4:10,98
Average Speed:109,73 km/h
Short FactsThis hillclimb uses part of the Mugello street circuit. The modern Mugello Circuit, famous for hosting the MotoGP, is very close to the startline of the hillclimb.

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Scarperia – Giogo – List of Winners
16-17/05/2015Stefano Di FulvioOsella PA9/904:10,98Results
12-12/06/2016Uberto BonucciOsella PA9/904:19,04Results

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Scarperia Giogo – Accomodation

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