Title:Catania – Etna
Tracklength:9200 metres
Elevation change:557 metres (6,2%)
Altitude finishline:1300 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 37′ 5″ – 15° 1′ 26″
Fastest Time:3:45,46
Average Speed:146,90 km/h
Short FactsThe version here displayed is the version used from 2004-2010. The event was a circuit meeting between 1973 and 1977.

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Catania – Etna – List of Winners
1924Salvatore IgnotoCeirano18:14,00
1931Alfio ParlatoAlfa Romeo 175017:19,00
1939Lotario RangoniAlfa Romeo 230020:23,00
1947Giovanni RoccoAlfa Romeo 230020:24,00
1948Luigi BellucciLancia 150022:28,00
1949Pasquale PlacidoStanguellini23:09,00
1950Giovanni BraccoFerrari20:45,00
1951Piero ScottiFerrari 256021:37,00
1952Piero ScottiFerrari 410021:26,00
1953Eugenio CastellottiLancia D2419:13,00
1954Piero TaruffiLancia D2419:13,00
1955Maria Teresa de FilippisMaserati 200021:24,00
1956Luigi BellucciMaserati 200021:48,00
1959Nino VaccarellaCooper Maserati17:56,00
1960Mennato BoffaMaserati 200018:17,00
1961Mennato BoffaMaserati 200018:01,00
1962Edoardo GovoniMaserati17:12,00
1963Edoardo LualdiFerrari14:46,00
1967Spartaco DiniAlfa Romeo GT
1968Salvatore CalascibettaAbarth 100017:48,00
1969Ignazio CapuanoPorsche 9109:30,00
1970Domenico ScolaAbarth 20009:12,00
1972Domenico ScolaChevron B219:01,00
1973Pasquale BarberioLola Abarth
1974“The King”Alpine Renault
1975Pasquale BarberioOsella PA3
1976Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA4
1977“Amphicar”Osella PA5
1980Mario CasciaroLola BMW5:24,13
1981Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA95:15,78
1982Mario CasciaroLola Toleman5:16,63
1995Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA94:03,31
1996Angelo PalazzoGisa Alfa Romeo4:04,28
1997Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20 BMW3:56,85
1998Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA201:54,50
1999Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA20/S Honda3:26,88
2000Fabrizio FattoriniOsella PA20/S Honda3:57,77
2001Andrea RaitiOsella PA20/S BMW4:14,75
2002Andrea RaitiOsella PA20/S BMW3:54,44
2004Fabrizio FattoriniOsella PA21/S Honda3:58,54
10-11/09/2005Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S BMW4:01,26Results
09-10/09/2006Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW3:57,62Results
19-20/04/2008Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW3:57,54Results
05-06/09/2009Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW3:45,46Results
04-05/09/2010Race stopped after accident.

Catania – Etna – Accomodation

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    What is the date of the 1951 Catania-Etna please?

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