Title:Course de Côte de Sumène
Tracklength:2000 metres (2018: 1800 metres) (2017: 1500 metres) (until 2016: 1400 metres)
Elevation change:110 metres
Altitude finishline:335 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 59′ 5.2794″ – 3° 42′ 42.48″
Fastest Time:1:12,796
Average Speed:98,91 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on map shows the startline used until 2016.
Yellow pinpoint on map shows the finishline used until 2017.
Not to be confused with the Course de Côte de La Sumène.

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Course de Côte de Sumène – List of Winners
13/07/2008Nicolas VerdierDallara F3960:59,850Results
12/07/2009Nicolas VerdierDallara F3960:59,154Results
04/07/2010Nicolas VerdierDallara F3960:59,480Results
03/07/2011Nicolas MassuNorma M200:58,430Results
01/07/2012Yves MartinDallara 3871:06,973Results
30/06/2013Yves MartinDallara 3870:57,812Results
20/07/2014Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:00,840Results
19/07/2015Nicolas VerdierDallara F3020:58,270
09/07/2017Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:02,878Results
15/07/2018Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:05,213Results
28/07/2019Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:12,796Results

Course de Côte de Sumène – Accomodation

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