Subida a La Cumbre 2017

The Canary Islands Hillclimb Championship continued this weekend on El Hierro. The Subida a La Cumbre is the only hillclimb on this small island. 26 drivers entered the speed hillclimb, most of them travelled from other islands.

The technical verifications were already completed on Friday. Saturday morning everything looked set for an exciting day of hillclimb racing. Drivers, media and spectators were getting ready for first practise. But then the shocking news came that the race was cancelled! Apparently the paperwork was incorrect which meant that the race had no permits. A huge disappointment for everyone involved.

Of course the big question is how could this happen? This is not the first time on the Canary Islands that everyone shows up for a motorsport event only to find out it is cancelled. In fact the same thing happened the very same day on Fuerteventura with the Rally de Antigua.

The Subida a La Cumbre might be rescheduled to a later date but it seems unlikely. Because of the cancellation Luis Monzon automatically became the new Canary Islands Hillclimb Champion.

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Results Subida a La Bien Aparecida 2017

The Subida a La Bien Aparecida celebrated its 50th anniversary this weekend (although it was only the 34th edition). Over 100 drivers were present this Saturday including the very best from Cantabria and the Basque Country.

Last year’s winner Andrés Vilariño had to retire his Norma M20 FC sportscar with engine troubles early. This left the door open for Joseba Iraola to speed to victory. The young driver steered his new Norma M20 FC sportscar to an impressive 10 second lead. Pantxo Egozkue was the runner-up in his Osella PA30, while Joseba Olea completed the podium. The touringcars were dominated by seven Porsches of which Bruno Scherer was the fastest.

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Results Subida a Petilla de Aragon 2017

The Subida a Petilla de Aragon was the next hillclimb in Navarra. Only drivers from Navarra participated this year. Arkaitz Ordoki drove to victory unchallenged as he was the only sportscar driver. Local Iñaki Alegria was the best touringcar driver in second. Andoni Urdanoz drove his beautiful Fiat 131 Abarth in Rothmans colors to third overall.

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