Calendar Irish Hillclimb Championship 2018

The calendar for the Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship will count 7 double headers in 2018. The Sweep near Imokilly will not take place in next year. It will be replaced with a new event in County Clare.

As usual in Ireland the exact locations of the hillclimbs are still a mystery. For that reason I have picked the locations of this year to form the calendar of 2018. The correct hillclimbs will appear on the calendar when I find them, which is probably a few weeks before each event.

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Results Carlow Hillclimb (Goresbridge) 2017

The Carlow Hillclimb Weekend was the final event of the Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship. Both days saw the drivers compete on the Gowran Hillclimb near Goresbridge. Joe Courtney had already secured the title earlier in the year and he was not present at Carlow. Not much information can be found about this race so here are the results.

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Results Knockalla Hillclimb (Donegal) 2017

Ater two sprints the Irish Championship returned to the hills for the Knockalla Hillclimb in Donegal. With his victory on Saturday Joe Courtney secured the title. It was his eigth victory of the season and his third consecutive title.

On day two the weather conditions were somewhat worse than before. Courtney was not competing which gave Rory Stephens the opportunity to win. For Stephens it was his first ever overall victory.

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Results Imokilly Hillclimb “The Sweep” 2017

The Irish Hillclimb Championship continued last weekend with the Imokilly Hillclimb. This 2,2 kilometre long road near Dungarven is also known as “The Sweep”. Unlike the previous event in Wexford, at Imokilly the track was identical on both days. The event got off to a bad start on Saturday morning. A big storm had swept the area during the night. The wind had blown a lot of leaves and branches on the racing surface. This took a long while to clean up which severly delayed the timeschedule. In the end only one race session was possible on Saturday. The weather had improved on Sunday and this time all three races were completed.

Joe Courtney was unbeatable this weekend. He set fastest times in all sessions on Saturday and Sunday. With his double victory Courtney increases his lead in the championship. Robert Dwane was the runner-up on both days. On Sunday Frank Byrnes came quite close to Dwane and finished third. On Saturday Byrnes had retired from the one and only race. This allowed Rory Stephens to claim the final podium spot.

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Results Carrig-on-Bannow Hillclimb (Wexford) 2017

The Irish Hillclimb Championship visited Wexford last weekend. The Wexford Hillclimb is organised on a different road every year. This year the Carrig-on-Bannow Hillclimb was picked to host both days of the weekend. There was however a crucial difference between the two days as Day 1 was competed over a 2200 metres long course. While the day after the finish line was moved 400 metres downhill.

Joe Courtney improved his championship lead with victories on both days. On Saturday the Reynard 913 pilot was challenged hard by Robert Dwane. However Dwane crashed his car in Sunday practise and could not continue. Rory Stephens moved up to second but he was a lot slower than Courtney.
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Hillclimb Videos 22 and 23 April 2017

A couple of videos from the hillclimbs that were competed last weekend.
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Results Ballinalacken Hillclimb (Galway) 2017

Results of the Ballinalacken Hillclimb in Galway.

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Results Corkscrew Hillclimb (Galway) 2017

Results of the Corkscrew Hillclimb in Galway.

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