Preview and Entrylist Course de Côte de Chanaz 2017

The Course de Côte de Chanaz used to be a popular non-championship national event. It was usually held on Easter Monday and attracted big entries including most of the top French drivers. Among the last winners were Lionel Regal, Sébastien Petit and Alban Thomas. Sadly the event disappeared after 2011.

2017 will finally mark the return of the hillclimb, although only as an historic event. 10 drivers have entered the speed hillclimb. This seems quite a low number, but it is compensated by another 63 entries in the regularity. Marc Poix is the only singleseater racer in the speed part. Jean-Louis Neveu is also entered with his Reynard F3000, but in the regularity.

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Preview and Entrylist Course de Côte de Wangenbourg-Engenthal 2017

Even though it is the Easter holiday weekend, there will be plenty of hillclimbs in France. On Monday the Course de Côte de Wangenbourg-Engenthal is one of them. This year the track has become around 200 metres longer.

Around 60 drivers have entered so far. There are no entrants in D/E 3 or CN2, although there are still 9 drivers in the lower formula and sportscar classes. Roland Perrin and the Mayeur brothers are probably the favourites for victory.

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Results Course de Côte de Bournezeau 2017

Marcel Sapin was victorious at the Course de Côte de Bournezeau this weekend. Freddy Cadot was leading after the second race but in the third and final session Sapin set fastest time of the day take victory. The final difference between the two leaders was just .08 seconds. Anthony Le Beller finished third but the gaps were very small. For example seventh placed Clement Lebot was less than second behind Le Beller.
Geoffray Carcreff once again won the touringcar category. It was however not that easy a victory as usual: Romain Richardeau was just .14 seconds slower. Group A winner Fabrice Degortes completed the podium.

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Hillclimb Videos 1 and 2 April 2017

A couple of videos of the hillclimbs that were competed this weekend.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Course de Côte de Bournezeau 2017

This weekend it is time again for the Course de Côte de Bournezeau. Situated in the Pays de Loire in western France, it is quite some distance away of other hillclimbs. Nevertheless the race always manages to attract good entries. This year is no different as 90 drivers will participate in the 12th edition.

Winner of the last four editions was Serge Thomas. At the moment he does not appear on the entrylist. The last two winners before Thomas are however on the entrylist. In 2011 he Final of the Coupe de France was organised in Bournezeau and back then Marcel Sapin was declared the winner. Six years later the Dallara F305 will return for another victory. A year after Sapins succes Julien Bost climbed the top step of the podium. After that succes he finished three times as runner-up and one more time in third so he will be longing for another victory.

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Results Course de Côte de Saint Savournin 2017

Rain played a major role in the Course de Côte de Saint Savournin this weekend. At the 1,1 kilometre long course in southern France the day began with heavy rains before it dried out. Later on the rain intensified again and the times set in the first timed race could not be improved anymore. For that reason the event was stopped early after the second timed race. Dimitri Pereira was fastest at that point in time with Damien Benedetto and Thomas Clausi second and third respectively.

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Results Course de Côte de Bagnols Sabran 2017

The Course de Côte de Bagnols Sabran was competed in very difficult weather conditions. It rained during Saturday practise and continued until Sunday morning. From that time the track gradually dried and the fastest times were set in the third and final race.

One day before the event 7-time champion Nicolas Schatz announced that he will not participate in the French Championship this year to concentrate on the ELMS. Although he absolutely dominated the past few years, the championship will probably not be that much more competitive. Sébastien Petit was second to Schatz almost every race, so we can expect him to finally claim the title for himself. At Bagnols Sebaran he made his first step towards that goal as he won the event with quite a margin. Geoffrey Schatz finished second while Cyrille Frantz completed the podium. Billy Ritchen absolutely dominated the Formula 3 and finishes fourth. Just behind Marcel Sapin in fifth we find the first CN2 pilot. Somewhat surprising this was Olivier Augusto and not Yannick Latreille (2nd), Corentin Starck (3rd), Damien Chamberod (4th) or David Guillaumard (6th).

Fabien Bourgeon drove incredible times in practise. The Tracking RC01 pilot was actually fifth overall on Saturday evening! It was not to last however. In the second race he had a massive crash and the Tracking RC01 pilot was airlifted to hospital with unknown injuries. Yves Tholy was now fastest CM driver in 15th overall.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Course de Côte de Saint Savournin 2017

The Course de Côte de Saint Savournin is a regional hillclimb in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region in southern France. Despite the date clash with the French Championship there are currently 83 drivers entered. Jeremy Debels is of course the big favourite for victory although Jean-Claude Morel and Dimitri Pereira will follow him closely.

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Results Course de Côte d’Hébécrevon – Agneaux 2017

The Course de Côte de Hébécrevon – Agneaux was the first of sixteen regional hillclimbs in Normandy this year. The race had a great entry of 100 drivers, the weather was nice and the final results were not decided until the very last run of the day. Julien Français is intending to compete in a Norma M20F this year but this Sunday he was ride-sharing with Anthony Gueudry in a Martini MK80. Despite not knowing the car very well he was immediately fastest in practise.

By the time first race was completed Etienne Debarre was on top of the leaderboard. This did not last long however because after the second run Gaëtan Renouf moved up to first place. In the third and final race of the day every one of the top drivers increased their times once more. Still it was Gäetan Renouf who was fastest, but with a lead of just .038 seconds. Debarre claimed the runner-up spot, himself just 0.025 seconds ahead of Anthony Le Beller in third. Julien Français eventually finished fourth, just .238 seconds down on the winner, while John Nicol had a great debut in his new Dallara F99/01 to finish fifth.

Geoffrey Carcreff continued his domination of the touringcar class in western France with yet another victory. He was challenged by the Duponts in their Seat Leon Supercopas. Julien had a nice day and finished third but Sébastien had all kinds of mechanical problems and finished way down the order.

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Results Course de Côte de Lugny 2017

The two main protagonists at the Course de Côte de Lugny were Maxime Cotleur and Didier Brun. The two drivers swapped the lead during practise and all the races. Eventually it was Cotleur who took victory in his Norma M20F sportscar, a great result to take to Bagnols Sabran next weekend. In the third race Emmanuel Arbant set a great time which relegated Brun back to third. Other prominent drivers that were testing in Lugny were Sarah Louvet (4th), Raynald Thomas (5th) and Didier Chaumont (7th).

Rémi Bernard had a great final test before his upcoming duel with Francis Dosieres (and others!) this weekend. The Seat Leon Supercopa pilot was Group A winner and best touringcardriver at Lugny. He was joined on the podium by two Frédérics driving Simcas. Breysse, who had the bigger engine, remained ahead of Assenault to take second.

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