Results Course de Côte de Trechy 2017

The Course de Côte de Trechy is the only remaining hillclimb in the Ile-de-France. All hillclimbs in France are suffering but in central France it’s even worse. In 2016 Trechy had 44 participants, in 2017 just 26. That is a 40% drop in a single year! This is certainly not unique in France this year as anyone who follows this website can discover for themselves. Action is needed and quick.

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Results Course de Côte d’Arques-la-Bataille 2017

The Course de Côte d’Arques-la-Bataille returned after a one year break. Compared to the previous editions the track was modified. The challenging final S corner had been demolished and replaced with a big roundabout. This made the track wider and faster and that was not to everyone’s liking. For Bertrand Lassalle it did not matter much. He had won the last six editions and was again victorious. Alban Lapotre was second despite some small mistakes. Geoffrey Carcreff placed his powerful Scora Maxi third overall.

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Results Course de Côte du Pompidou – Corniche des Cevennes 2017

Right from the start it was clear what the final results of the Course de Côte du Pompidou – Corniche des Cevennes would be. Nicolas Verdier was the fastest driver in every session, Didier Brun second each time and Fabrice Flandy always followed in third.

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Results Course de Côte de Turckheim – 3 Épis 2017

A great number of spectators watched the Course de Côte de Turckheim – 3 Épis this weekend. A lot of them came for Sébastien Loeb but hopefully they enjoyed the regular hillclimb stars too. They at least got their money’s worth as the event ran past 20:00!

Geoffrey Schatz was the undisputed winner this weekend. The younger Schatz was fastest all weekend and even broke the trackrecord of his older brother Nicolas. It was his third overall victory of the season. For the championship it was too late as Sébastien Petit had already secured that. The new champion himself could drive without any pressure. Despite a mechanical failure at the start of race one, Petit still finished second overall. Cyrille Frantz collected yet another third overall as he did so many times before.

Fourth quickest driver was Patrik Zajelsnik with his spectacular Norma Mugen. The Sloveno-German is not included in the general results, as none of the foreign drivers were. The foreigners basically drove for nothing. Except of course the Luxembourgois who had their final championship round at Turckheim. Canio Marchione was already certain of the touringcar title. In the singleseaters it was still very close. If my calculations are correct Daniel Donkels is the new champion because he finished ahead of his rival Leon Linden.

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Results Course de Côte de Chanteloup 1898

The first edition of the Course de Côte de Chanteloup-les-Vignes was contested on 27 November 1898. This was just one year after the concept of hillclimbs was born with the Nice-La Turbie Hillclimb. Because the first La Turbie event was a stage in a larger ‘rally’, the Chanteloup Hillclimb is sometimes considered as the first true hillclimb race. That might be a bit of a stretch as there is evidence that a hillclimb at Charles River Park in the United States was earlier. In any case, the Chanteloup Hillclimb is among the first three!

The race was conceived by Paul Meyan. He was a journalist and one of the founders of the Automobile Club de France (A.C.F.). The La Turbie Hillclimb was a true mountain climb measuring 17 kilometres but Chanteloup was very different from that. The track measured just 1820 metres (or 1782 metres, or 1800 metres, sources are unclear). It was quite steep, in some parts up to 11%. As could be expected in November, the weather was not ideal. It rained all night until 9:00 in the morning. This made the track very difficult to navigate.

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Preview and Entrylist Course de Côte de Turckheim – 3 Épis 2017

The French Hillclimb Championship visits the Alsace this weekend for the famous Course de Côte de Turckheim – 3 Épis. The almost 200 French drivers are joined by the Luxembourg Hillclimb Championship and of course plenty of other guests from Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. As if that was not enough, the spectators can also look forward to demonstrations by Sébastien Loeb and Romain Dumas.

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Results Course de Côte de Saint Savin 2017

The Course de Côte de Saint Savin was one of the most hotly contested hillclimbs in France this year. Race 1 saw Olivier Augusto lead Marcel Sapin by .012 seconds and Maxime Cotleur by .310. Neither Augusto or Cotleur could improve their times in the second race. Sapin could, but only by .035 seconds which was still enough for the lead. In the third race it was Sapin who could not go faster while the other two could. Augusto was quickest again, just .024 seconds ahead of Cotleur. There was time for a fourth run and here Cotleur set a brilliant time. The young Norma M20 FC pilot was the only driver to go under 43 seconds. It was enough to remain ahead of the two former winners and claim victory.

The three leaders were a lot quicker than everybody else. Fourth placed Pierre Vian was almost 1,5 seconds slower then the top 3. Fifth placed Emeline Breda was the fastest female driver and she also finished third in Group D/E.
The Simca’s were on top in the touringcars. Pascal Simonot in the CG remained ahead of Frédéric Breysse in the Rallye III. The podium was completed by Group N winner Guillaume Gillet. The Mitsubishi Lancer pilot was just .054 seconds quicker than Group A winner Gilles Darmochod, but it was enough.

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Results Course de Côte d’Urcy 2017

After two years in the second division the Course de Côte d’Urcy returned to the Coupe de France this year. David Guillaumard was present with his famed Dallara F308. It was probably his last outing with this car as Guillaumard has found a buyer. Car and driver parted on a high as Guillaumard won the event. Emmanuel Arbant was second behind Guillaumard in every session. Arbant kept improving his times during the day but in the end could never come close to the winner. Olivier Gregoire in the Dallara 399 BAM completed the podium.

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Results Course de Côte de Pondron 2017

There were again a number of hillclimbs in France this weekend. In the north Fabien Ponchant added the Course de Côte de Pondron to his palmares. He was almost one second faster than runner-up Alain Le Sausse. Le Sausse in turn was almost one second quicker than third placed William Pommery. Arnaud Vermersch was the best touringcar driver.

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Results Course de Côte de Lamure-sur-Azergues 2017

Results of the Course de Côte de Lamure-sur-Azergues.

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