Results Rampa Senhora da Graça 2016

160724_senhoradagracaResults for the Rampa Senhora da Graça.

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Results Rampa do Caramulo 2016

160703_caramuloResults for the Rampa do Caramulo.

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Results Rampa Santa Marta 2016

160612_santamartaThe weather was great in Portugal this weekend for the Rampa Santa Marta, the fourth round of the Portuguese Hillclimb Championship. Two drivers were head and shoulders above the rest. Rui Ramalho had a great run in his Osella PA21/S but he still had to leave victory to Pedro Salvador. For Salvador it was his fourth victory in a row, although it was the closest yet. Third place was for Paulo Ramalho who could narrowly stay ahead of local Nuno Guimarães.

Category 2 remains the most exciting class in Portugal. Edgar Reis and José Correia finished 1-2 the previous event but at Santa Marta they were only third and fourth. Winner was Gonçalo Manahu with a small margin on runner-up Antonio Nogueira. Manuel Correia (3), Luis Nunes (4) and Helder Silva (Historics) dominated their respective categories.

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Entrylist Rampa Santa Marta 2016

160612_santamartaThe Portuguese Hillclimb Championship continues this weekend with the Rampa Santa Marta. A great entry of over 50 drivers is expected.
Pedro Salvador (Norma M20 FC) has won the first three events of the season but it rained in all of them. If it is dry this weekend maybe Rui or Paulo Ramalho can claim victory. In category 2 the last race was decided with just .027 seconds between Edgar Reis and José Correia. Antonio Nogueira skipped that race but the Porsche 911 GT pilot is back in Santa Marta. Manuel Correia (Ford Fiesta R5) and Luis Nunes (Seat Leon) appear to be the favourites in Category 3 and 4 again.

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Results Rampa Fregusia do Monte 2016

160604_rampadomonteOn Madeira the egional Hillclimb Championship continued with the Rampa Freguesia do Monte. Gil Freitas and his co-driver Duarte Miranda scored another convincing victory in their Porsche 997 GT3. Semog EVO Kart-cross driver surprised the other Porsche 997 GT3 team of Paulo Mendes and Roberto Figueira to take second. Just outside the podium were André Silva and his co-pilot Adriana Neves. With their Citroën C2 they beat many other more powerful cars.

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Results Rampa da Covilhã (Serra da Estrela) 2016

160529_serradaestrelaThe Portuguese Hillclimb Championship continued this weekend with the Rampa da Covilhã, better known as the Serra da Estrela Hillclimb. So far it rained in every race this year and it happened again at Covilhã. Luckily this time it was mostly on Saturday while the runs on Sunday were mostly in the dry.

Pedro Salvador absolutely dominated the event. The Norma M20 FC pilot took a 26 second lead over the opposition to score his third victory in a row. Rui Ramalho was on his way to second place but a flat tyre on his Osella PA21/S saw him drop back the order. João Fonseca (BRC CM05 EVO) surprisingly beat out Paulo Ramalho (Juno CN09) for second place overall.

Best touringcar driver was Luis Nunes in fourth. He really struggled with the setup on Saturday but on Sunday he drove a perfect race to win Category 4. Edgar Reis (Porsche 997 GT3) and José Correira (Nissan GT-R GT3) were evenly matched in Category 2. In every session just tenths of a second seperated them from eachother. There had to be a winner though and that was Reis. His lead over Correia was just .027 seconds! Manuel Correia dominated Category 3 in his Ford Fiesta ST while Helder Silva (BMW E21) was the historic driver and Category 6 winner.

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Results Rampa da Falperra 2016

Results of the Rampa da Falperra.

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Results Rampa Municipio da Ribeira Brava 2016

Results of the Rampa Municipio da Ribeira Brava.

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Results Rampa da Penha 2016

160417_penhaThe Portuguese Hillclimb Championship started this weekend with the Rampa da Penha near Guimarães. It was quite a succesful opening despite the weather not always cooperating. After a slight rain during the first race on Saturday the sun returned on Sunday morning. However halfway through the third and final race the rain returned in force.

None of this mattered to Pedro Salvador. The Norma M20 FC pilot had a perfect weekend setting fastest time in all three races and taking the first victory of the year. Rui Ramalho steered his new Osella PA21/S to second place while his brother Paulo put the Juno CN09 on the third podium spot. The drivers in category 4 were the last to complete the third race on Sunday in the dry. As a result they are all high on the final results. Luis Nunes was the winner in this category.

Category 3 was the most hotly contested in Guimarães. Manuel Pereira (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI) won the first race on Saturday. Manuel Correira kept improving in his new Ford Fiesta R5, he won the second race. But ultimately it was Luis Silva who most consistent and also best in the rain. The BMW M3 E30 pilot was the winner in this category.

José Correira demonstrated the potential of his new Nissan GT-R GT3. He had build up a small lead before he crashed out in the third and final race. This gave Antonio Noguera (Porsche 911 GT2) the opportunity to pass Correira and take Category 2 victory. Edgar Reis (Porsche 997 GT3) also came up close but ultimately fell .003 seconds short to overtake Correira for second.

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Provisional Entrylist Rampa da Penha 2016

160417_penhaThe Portuguese Hillclimb Championship starts this weekend with the Rampa da Penha near Guimarães. This year the class structure of the championship had a complete overhaul in order to attract more drivers. Judging from the provisional entrylist these changes really paid off. Over 40 drivers have already entered which is very high compared to the events the past few years.

Some interesting new cars will debut this weekend. In Category 1 Rui Ramalho hopes to take over the championship title from his brother Paulo this season and for that he purchased a brand new Osella PA21/S EVO. Paulo will continue with the Juno CN09 although it will have a new Mugen engine.
In Category 2 José Correia will debut his new Nissan GT-R GT3. With this beautiful car he faces opposition from three Porsches driven by Edgar Reis, Gonçalo Manahu and Antonio Nogueira.
In Category 3 Manuel Correia has sold his Skoda Fabia S2000 and replaced it with a Ford Fiesta R5. For the hillclimb events it should sport a more powerful 2 litre engine.
The new Category 4 for cup cars seems destined to become a hunting ground for various versions of the Seat Leon Supercopa. Although Joaquim Teixeira is entered with a Renault Megane Trophy.
The field is completed by 10 historic racers including the unique Lola T70 driven by Martine Pereira.

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