Hillclimb Videos 8 and 9 April 2017

A couple of videos of the hillclimbs that were competed last weekend.

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Results Rampa da Penha 2017

Pedro Salvador snatched a dramatic victory at the Rampa da Penha this weekend. At the season opener of the Portuguese Hillclimb Championship Salvador debuted his new Silver Car EF10. Things went wrong on Saturday when engine problems grounded his new car. This allowed Rui Ramalho to steer his own new Osella PA2000 to fastest time in the first race. But the decision would fall in the remaining two races on Sunday. Salvador managed to repair his car in time to take home the victory. The margins were very slim however, .256 seconds in the first race and just .033 seconds in the second race! A great start to the new season. The other drivers could not dollow the two leaders. Third placed Paulo Ramalho had to give 17 seconds on the two leaders.

In category 2 a similar scenario developed. Gonçalo Manahu suffered mechanical problems in the first race on Saturday. But the Porsche driver recovered to take vcitroy with a lead of just .8 seconds on José Correia. Category 3 saw the most retirements but João Guimarães probably would have won anyway. In category 4 Manuel Correia dominated the event in his Ford Fiesta R5. Category 5 on the hand was decided by less than a second. Joaquim Teixeira set fastest time of the weekend but Luis Nunes was more consistent. In the end Nunes won with a margin of just 0.579 seconds.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Rampa da Penha 2017

The Portuguese Hillclimb Championship starts this weekend with the Rampa da Penha in Guimarães. It is shaping up to be another great year for hillclimb racing in Portugal. Among the 45 entrants are all the champions of last year.

Category 1 is going to be very interesting this year. Pedro Salvador won the championship last year in a Norma M20 FC. In 2017 he will be the offical driver for Silver Car and will contest all rounds in their EF10 model. In 2016 Rui Ramalho challenged Salvador for the title until the very last round. Now he has upgraded his Osella PA21/S to an Osella PA2000 to finally claim the championship. The older PA21/S will move to his brother Paulo while Paulo’s Juno CN09 has found a new owner in Helder Silva. Silva dominated the historics last year in his BMW E21 so it will be interesting to see him handle modern machinery.

The scenario in Category 2 will be the same as last year. Gonçalo Manahu, Edgar Reis and José Correia will battle for the title. In 2016 their category was also open to Group A and Group N cars. That was not a succes obviously as they had no chance for victory against the powerful GT’s. In 2017 they will have their own category. Pedro Coelho Saraiva is probably the favourite for this new category.

Manuel Correia and Luis Silva return for another battle of the E1 crown, now called Category 4. Luis Nunes will face off Joaquim Teixeira for the Category 5 title. José Pedro Gomes competed in an Ford Escort Cosworth in E1 last year. This season he will try to win in the historics in a Ford Escort MK1.
There are once again also a number of cups and trophies. An important new trophy is that for TCR cars. At the Rampa da Penha their will be one entrant.

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Hillclimb Videos 25 and 26 March 2017

Some videos of the hillclimbs that were competed last weekend.

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Results Rampa Municipio da Ribeira Brava 2017

Dinarte Nobrega scored his second succes of the season at the Rampa Municipio da Ribeira Brava. The Semog EVO pilot was the fastest in four of the six timed runs and eventually won the event with a 1,4 second lead. Runner-up was João Silva, co-driven in his Citroën DS3 R5 by Rui Rodrigues, while Gil Freitas and Duarte Miranda completed the podium in another Citroën DS3 R5.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Rampa da Ribeira Brava 2017

The Rampa da Municipio da Ribeira Brava is the second round of the Madeira Hillclimb Championship. Dinarte Nobrega and Ricardo Reis finished 1-2 in the first round two weeks ago. This Saturday they will have it more difficult. Last years champion Gil Freitas missed the first round but at Ribeira Brava he will be present with his brand-new Citroën DS3 R5. A similar car is entered by João Silva. With 32 entries in the speed hillclimb the Madeira Championship is still growing year after year.

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Hillclimb Videos 11/12 March 2017

A couple of videos from the different hillclimbs that took place last weekend.

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Results Rampa do Livramento – Canhas 2017

The Madeira Hillclimb Championship started this weekend with the Rampa do Livramento – Canhas. Last season Dinarte Nobrega was in the running of the championship until the very last event. Ultimately he had to bow down to Gil Freitas and his powerful Porsche. In the absence of Freitas, Nobrega was the favourite for victory at Livramento. The Semog EVO pilot was fastest in 5 of the 6 runs of the mountain and won the event. Ricardo Reis in another Semog EVO was 12 seconds behind in the beginning of the day but he managed to reduce the gap to 3 seconds to finish second. Duarte and Luis Ramos were the best touringcar team to finish third, 12,5 seconds down on the winner.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Rampa do Livramento – Canhas 2017

The Rampa do Livramento – Canhas, also known as the Rampa da Ponta del Sol, is the first round of the Madeira Hillclimb Championship. 21 teams have entered the speed hillclimb this Saturday. Gil Freitas won the event last year in his Porsche 997 GT3. The champion is absent this Saturday because he is testing his new Citroën DS3 R5 at the Rally Castelo Branco.

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Calendar Portugal Hillclimb Championships 2017

11/03/2017Circuito Município da Ponta do Sol / Rampa do Livramento - Canhas ***Ponta do Sol
25/03/2017Rampa Município da Ribeira Brava ***Ribeira Brava
08-09/04/2017Rampa da PenhaGuimarães
DELAYEDRampa Cassiano's Car ***Machico
06-07/05/2017Rampa Internacional da FalperraBraga
27-28/05/2017Rampa da Covilhã (Serra da Estrela)Covilhã
17/06/2017Circuito Municipio do Funchal / Rampa do Monte ***Funchal
17-18/06/2017Rampa da Santa MartaSanta Marta de Peneguião
15-16/07/2017Rampa do Caramulo Tondela
29-30/07/2017Rampa Porca de MurçaMurça
02/09/2017Rampa da Camacha ***
09-10/09/2017Rampa Senhora da GraçaMondim de Basto
16/09/2017Circuito Municipio de Porto Moniz / Rampa da Santa ***Porto Moniz
23-24/09/2017Rampa de BoticasBoticas
25/11/2017Circuito Municipio da Calheta / Rampa Paul do Mar ***Calheta
*** Non-Championship