Calendar Swedish Hillclimb Championship 2017

Starting this year I will also try to bring you the latest information about the Swedish Hillclimb Championship. Five weekends are scheduled this year, each hosting a double-header. There are also a number of non-championship events. Most of these are sprints around racetracks and not actual hillclimbs, so they are not included here.

The hillclimbs are quite short, most are around 1 kilometre in length. Still they present a big challenge to the drivers. Unique in Europe is that the championship contains both tarmac and gravel events.

There are five different classes in the Swedish Championship. Class 1 and 2 are reserved for 2-wheel-drive Rallycross cars, class 3 is for 2-wheel-drive Rally cars, class 4 for is for rallycross cars -2150cc and class 5 is for 4-wheel-drive cars of different sports. Different events also allow various other classes in support races, such as Cross-Karts and even sidecars.

29-30/07/2017Vibergbacken / TjustjaktenViberg (Gamleby)
19-20/08/2017Söderknallen / Sundsvallbacken ***Sundsvall
CANCELLEDÅnnabodaloppet ***Ånnaboda
16-17/09/2017Lima RacetLima
*** Non-Championship

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